‘Crowns Only’ as the name suggests is all about dental crowns.

We are offering dental crowns at exceptionally low prices. Our porcelain fused to metal crowns are only $525 each, while an all porcelain crown would cost you $695 each. In addition, all of our dental crowns are of top quality; and proudly made in USA.

The deal is available for a limited time only, so make sure you place your order before the deal expires and benefit yourself by saving BIG on dental crowns.


$525 cost is per crown.


made with highest quality.


Expires March 31st 2014.

Dental Offices

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You will find a number of crown dealers and dentist offices providing dental crowns, but we are sure you won’t find them at the prices we offer – without compromising on quality. Our prices are the best around the town, unbeatable and supreme. We love benefiting our clients, and we love answering questions from them. We offer free consultation regarding dental problems for everyone.

Phoenix: (602) 906-9868 Gilbert: (480) 442-2210 Tempe: (480) 420-9337 Scottsdale: (480) 382-0337
421 W. Hatcher Rd 2323 E Guadalupe Rd Suite #101 4427 S Rural Rd 5425 E Bell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85021 Gilbert, AZ 85234 Tempe, AZ 85282 Scottsdale, Az 85254

We have four dental locations in Phoenix metro area: Phoenix, Gilbert, Tempe and Scottsdale.  All the clinics are a state-of-the-art; they are equipped with the latest dental technology instruments, machines and devices to solve your dental problems quickly and with ease.  We are professional with our work, satisfying our clients by providing them with the best we can. In addition, we believe in friendly dealing and communicating with our clients to keep them informed about their dental progress.

Are you interested in our offer? Do you have any questions?

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In case of any queries, you can contact us through our website or if you would like to visit our offices, please contact with our office numbers.


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